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Pan American Insurance Services

Since Pan American Insurance Services founding in 1946, it has emerged as the premier provider of quality insurance products and services to California's wine industry.  Pan American Insurance Services serves as an advocate to California's agribusiness industry addressing its unique exposures and providing the expertise, creativity and resources clients need to achieve results.

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Crop Insurance deadline: January 31

Greg Merrill, CIC, AFIS

Executive Vice President
(760) 485-0456
[email protected]

ristine Fox, AFIS
Vice President
(559) 381-8981
[email protected]

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Crop Insurance

You MUST sign-up no later than January 31 to have coverage for the upcoming crop year.

How does it work?
The federal crop insurance program is the only subsidized insurance plan that provides coverage against perils for your growing crops. Crop insurance is an integral part of Pan American’s valued growers' risk management plan.

The best way to understand the Federal Crop Insurance Program is by looking at an example:
Say we have a grower with 100 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa County who averages 4.0 tons per acre and has Catastrophic (CAT) Coverage.  During harvest, extreme moisture damages the crop (the crop was harvested though determined to be a total loss):

How much coverage do you have at CAT level?
200 Tons Guaranteed (50% of average yield)

    x ($5,050 x 55% Price Election)
    = $555,500 Total Coverage
    100 acre x 4.0 tons per acre x 50% coverage level x ($5,050 x 55% price election)
How much will the grower be paid with a total loss?
-$555,500 (Note: Claim payment could be reduced by $200/ton in Napa County for any lost tonnage left unharvested.)

How much did the policy cost?

For a $300 enrolment fee, you can obtain catastrophic coverage for your crops, irrespective of the acreage planted.  For a higher level of coverage, Pan American can help you obtain "buy-up" insurance.

To have coverage for the upcoming year, don’t forget to sign up by January 31st.

Please contact Greg Merrill  to discuss coverage options, causes of loss and insurable crop and acreage qualifications.
Greg S. Merrill,
Senior Vice President / Director of Crop Insurance Services
Pan American Insurance Agency, Inc., a Relation Company
7673 N. Ingram, Suite 103, Fresno, CA 93711
559.492.5384 direct | 760.485.0456 cell | 559.222.6092
[email protected]

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Workers Compensation

For over 25 years, the California Association of Winegrape Growers has endorsed Pan American to deliver the most competitive workers’ compensation program to its members.

Preferred Employers
Preferred Employers Group began operations in San Diego, California in 1998.  The company provides workers' compensation insurance for a wide variety of industries.

Their goal is to provide customers with a stable and reliable workers' compensation insurance product regardless of market cycles.  They are dedicated to agriculture and being the preferred workers' compensation insurance solution for California businesses.

0040 – Vineyards & Wine Grapes, $7.05*
2142 – Wineries, $3.99*

 *Rates shown are for Napa County. Rates may vary in other counties.

Group Discount
As a qualified CAWG member, you will enjoy exclusive member-only low rates from an A.M. Best “A+” Rated Carrier; known for offering the best combination of price and coverage services of any workers' compensation carrier in California.  

 Please contact Steve Martin  to discuss the CAWG workers’ comp program and group rates. 

Steve Martin, CIC, AFIS
Pan American Insurance Agency, Inc., a Relation Company
2800 West March Lane #420, Stockton, CA 95219
888.640.0593 office | 209.955.2611
[email protected]

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Property & Liability
Pan American has spent more than 30 years carefully blending and balancing just the right mix of property and casualty protection to support today’s sophisticated grape-growing operations from vineyard to vintner. The result is a premier product with specialized coverage, features and enhancements for the unique demands of your craft, which also considers the perspective of the craftsmen. Partnering with QBE, Pan American has created program that addresses the needs of grape growers, vineyard managers and wineries of all sizes.

QBE is dedicated to the American farmer. They take pride in providing outstanding customer service by employing strategically located experienced adjusters to handle your claims with care. Their adjusters understand the specific challenges of your region and pride themselves on promptly processing claims.  QBE’s knowledge of your core operations and collaborative culture enable them to provide practical and tailored solutions to help you expertly manage your risks.

Pan American has just the right blend of insurance coverage and service to meet your needs, including:

Extended crop manager liability coverage, offering vineyard managers extended property damage protection for employee mistakes or equipment malfunctions on your premises.Fixed or portable irrigation equipment coverage available with up to a $250,000 limit without scheduling the inventory on your policy.  No per-item maximum is needed and pumps are included. Mechanical breakdown coverage is also offered.Equipment breakdown coverage including electrical, mechanical, heating and cooling equipment is also available for both farm and commercial operations.Limited growing crops coverage to protect your vines, grapes and trellises from specific damage.Limited contamination coverage for wine. Included coverage limit is $10,000, with higher limits available.Available wine leakage coverage includes leakage caused by earthquakes.Transit coverage available for harvested vineyard products up to $20,000.and so much more….

Sustainable winegrowing premium discounts available to growers, vineyard managers and wineries.

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