Vineyard Development

NRCS, UCCE and UC Davis conducted a study of the costs associated with establishing a vineyard and producing winegrapes.
This study focuses on San Joaquin Valley North - San Joaquin and Sacramento Counties, Crush District 11 - 2016.

The sample costs to establish a vineyard and produce winegrapes using drip irrigation in the northern San Joaquin Valley are presented in this study. The study is intended as a guide only. It can be used to guide production decisions, estimate potential returns, prepare budgets and evaluate production loans. Sample costs given for labor, materials, equipment and contract services are based on April 2016 figures. Practices described are based on production practices considered typical for the crop and area, but will not apply to every situation. A blank column titled Your Costs is provided in Tables 2 and 3 to enter your estimated costs. For an explanation of calculations used in the study refer to the section titled Assumptions. For more information contact Jeremy Murdock ; University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, Agricultural Issues Center, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, at 530-752-4651 or [email protected]. The local extension office can be contacted through Paul Verdegaal, [email protected], UCCE, San Joaquin County. Sample Cost of Production studies for many commodities are available and can be down loaded from the website, Archived studies are also available on the website. 

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