May 2021
Feature Story: Heat Stress Mitigation in Vineyards—Manage Canopies, Irrigation, Vineyard Floors to Reduce Heat
State & Federal Focus:
This Drought Feels Different, Drought Relief Working Group, Growing Climate Solutions Act, American Families Plan & Farms, 
Employers: The Social Safety Net

State Legislature: 
Legislative Select Committees on Wine, Resolution Celebrates Sustainable Leadership of Wineries & Growers
Industry News: 
New UCD Research on Health Benefits of Chardonnay Pomace, California Winegrape Acreage Down 2.4%, Upper Valley Lake AVA Proposed; Comments Sought, CA Ag Leader Nominated for USDA Undersecretary, $170M for Specialty Crop Block Grant Program to Fund Innovative Projects, PD/GWSS Board Recommends 2021-22 Funding, Leopold Conservation Award Applications Open
CAWG PAC & CAWG Foundation Events

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April 2021
Feature Story: Groundwater Update: Resources and SGMA—DWR Report Emphasizes Data, Information, Management
State Focus: Card Check & Labor Union Efforts
Federal Focus: EGVM Found on Chilean Plums Prompts Import Restrictions, President Biden Unveils $2T Infrastructure Proposal, Panetta Introduces Bipartisan Preserving Family Farms Act
Wildfire-Related News: Quick Survey on Impacts of Fire and Smoke,USDA Seeks Comments on Climate Smart Ag and Forestry Strategy, Half Billion in Wildfire Prevention Funding, Napa County: $43M Plan for Wildfire Prevention
COVID-19 News: Requiring Employees to be Vaccinated, SB 95: Retroactive COVID-19 Paid Leave, Moving Beyond the Blueprint
CAWG & Industry News 
CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: AgCode

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March 2021
Feature Story: Soil Health, Quality Factors in Vineyard Management—Soils Are Living Systems, Important for Biodiversity
State Focus: Seeing Red—New CDC Recommendations, Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards
COVID-19 News: Cal/OSHA ETS: Judge Denies Ag, Business Coalition’s Motion - Newsom’s State of the State
Federal Focus: Legislation Recently Introduced in Congress—Immigration, H-2A, Water and More
Industry News: California Grape Crush Final Report 2020 Stats at a Glance - Grapes Fall One Spot to No. 3 California Commodity in 2019
CAWG & Industry News: California Green Medal Awards: Apply by April 2  - Registration is Now Open for U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit (virtual)  -  Celebrate Green: April is Down to Earth Month
CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: Gearmore, Inc. > website

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February 2021
Feature Story: Precision Management—Measure, Model and Manage for Variable Rate Inputs
Federal Focus: Biden Sends Immigration Bill to Congress -DREAM Act of 2021 Introduced - March 5 Application Deadline for Quality Loss Adjustment Program
  • Vilsack Nomination Heads to Full Senate
State Focus: Problem Solving Lawmakers
COVID-19 News: Cal/OSHA ETS Hearing Update - Vaccine: How it Will Impact Your Workplace and Business Operation -Vaccine for Ag Workers
Unified Symposium: State of the Industry—Grape Supply More Balanced Short Term, But Flat Demand and Uncertainty Remain - 2022 Unified: Jan. 25-27
CAWG & CAWGF News: Webinar by e-Mission Control: Charge Up. Get Paid. - CAWG Foundation Scholarship Applications Due March 5
Industry News: Grape Crush Report Preliminary 2020

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January 2021
Feature Story: Grapevine Trunk Disease Management—Research and Trials Evaluate New Biological and Chemical Tools
CAWG Board and Staff: Looking Ahead to 2021
State Focus: 2021 – The Year Ahead and Newsom Recall
Unified Symposium: Have You Registered? Don’t Miss Out!
COVID-19 News: CAWG Part of Coalition Challenging Cal/OSHA ETS
Donor Recognition: Century Club / CAWG PAC Donors / Sponsors
CAWG / CAWG Foundation News
Federal News: Federal COVID Relief Package and CA Receives Millions for Pest Mitigation, Plant Health Projects
Industry News: Report: Impact of Wildfires on California Agriculture, Free COVID Testing for Ag Workers, CSWA 2020 Year in Review
CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: DIG Corporation

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November 2020
Feature Story: 2020 Winegrape Harvest: A Series of Challenges—Silver Lining May be Improved 2021 Grape Market
From the President:Where to From Here? Go North! A Tale of Thinking Outside the Box
Election 2020: State: Lincoln Didn’t Have Wine and Federal: 2021 Outlook for Agriculture (Cornerstone Government Affairs analysis)
State Focus: Bringing Broadband to Rural Areas
CAWG News: CAWG Hosts Vineyard Tour, Discussion with Legislators and CAWG Board: Outgoing Board Members, Reelected Officers and Directors, New Directors
CAWG & Industry News: Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 Deadline is Dec. 11 · CDFA Testing Lab Accepting More Winegrape Samples · Office Hours with Dave and Anita (Nov. 17 and Dec. 15) · CAWG Webinars on Crop Insurance and Employment Laws · California Minimum Wage Up $1 on Jan. 1 · Final Rule: H-2A Wages Remain Stable Through 2022 · EPA Announces Final Rule on Pesticide Application Exclusion Zone Requirements
Unified Wine & Grape Symposium: Registration now open!
CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: Vintage Crop Insurance

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October 2020
Feature Story: Robotics and AI Technologies for Viticulture—New Technology Offers Potential Labor, Efficiency Benefits
From the President: Resilience Entails a Commitment to Preparation—Pre-Disaster Planning Is Needed To Maximize Effectiveness Of Future Recovery Efforts
Wildfires & Smoke Exposure: Wine Industry Affected by Wildfires Seeks Extension of Disaster Payment Program, Webinar Recording: Smoke Exposure—Winegrape Contracts and Crop Insurance, Maximizing the Supply of N95 Respirators, Plus List of Vendors Reporting Available Supplies, UC Davis, CDFA Now Offering Testing of Wine, Winegrapes for Smoke Exposure
State Focus: Three New Regulatory Issues Impacting Growers
COVID-19: CFAP: Winegrape Growers Now Eligible for Aid, UC Davis to Offer Free COVID-19 Testing for Farmworkers,Housing for the Harvest, Governor Signs COVID-19 Relief Package For Farmworkers
Industry & Federal News: CAWG Opposes Proposition 15, the $11.5 Billion-a-Year Property Tax Hike, SLO Coast AVA Proposed, Comments Sought, Bipartisan Continuing Resolution Extends Federal Funding, Reimburses Commodity Credit Corporation, Beverage Alcohol Associations Call for Immediate End to Tariffs on Wine and Distilled Spirits
Industry & CAWG News: Specialty Crop Block Grant Program: 2020 Awards and 2021 Proposals,New Pierce's Disease Control Program Statewide Coordinator Announced,

CAWG Board Election: Vote by Oct. 16, October is California Farmer and Farmworker Month

CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: e-Mission Control

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September 2020
Feature Story: Grapevine Virus and Vector Management—Update on New Tools, Resources, Research
Wildfires & Smoke Exposure:

Smoke Exposure, Winegrapes and Wineries—CAWG is Confident That Growers, Wineries Will Work Together on Challenges
Smoke Exposure Resources—
Protocols, Webinars and FAQs Available Online

State Focus: 

Legislative Update: End-of-Session Report
Assembly Ag Committee Change; Election Voting
Ag Industry Fights Proposition 15, the Largest Property Tax Hike in California History

Federal Focus: 

Urge Congress to Pass Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act
Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Ag-Related Issues

CAWG & Industry News:

In Memoriam—Tom Berryhill
CAWG Election: Ballots Due Oct. 16
Alisos Canyon is California’s Newest AVA
PD/GWSS Board Update on Nursery Programs
UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Department Goes Virtual
Film on SJV Rivers, Water Supplies Released by Modesto Irrigation District

CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: RCIS

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August 2020
Feature Story: Harvest Preparation and Worker Safety—COVID-19, Night Work Standards Add Requirements for 2020
From the President: 'Up to Two Drinks Per Day'Warning: Longtime Dietary Guidelines for Alcohol Consumption May Be Cut in Half
State Focus: Can You Hear Me? A Legislature Functioning Remotely May Not Hear All the Voices
CAWG-PAC & State News: Minimum Wage, Ag Overtime to Increase in 2021-Statewide Measures on the November Ballot
Federal Focus: Aid for Specialty Crop Producers - House Ag Subcommittee Members Urge USDA to Do More to Support Sector
COVID-19 Resources & News
Industry & CAWG Foundation News
CAWG Annual Meeting: Speaker/sponsor recognition, recording and program.
Welcome to Our New Members! List of new grower and associate members.

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July 2020
Feature Story: New Tools to Monitor Grapevine Water Status – Vine Sensor, Phone App Offer More Efficiency and Data
From the President: Transformative Consequences of COVID-19 – Uncertain Post-Pandemic Future for Workplaces, Economy and Individuals
State Focus: Races to Watch – Election Will Include New Faces, Surprises and Possible Seat Flips
Federal Updates
Industry News:

$437M in Lost Sales for Winegrape Growers – Moramarco Analysis Shows the Severe Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry
CAWG 46th Annual Meeting
COVID-19 Resources & News

CAWG & Industry News:

New Standard for Outdoor Ag Operations During Hours of Darkness, Viticulture Specialists Among 10 UCCE Retirees, PD/GWSS Board News: Referendum Passes, Assessment Approved, 2020 CAWG Membership Directory Now Available in Full-Color Digital Format

Unified Symposium Updates

CAWG Associate Member Spotlight:
 Allied Grape Growers  

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June 2020

Feature Story: Vineyard Carbon Footprints and GHG Emissions – Growers Evaluate Practices That Produce and Consume Carbon
From the President: Got Wine? “Preppers” Should Have an Ample Supply of Wine to Survive
State Focus: New and Evolving Cal/OSHA Standards – CAWG Is Working With Ag Industry Partners to Push for Regulatory Relief
Federal Focus: PPP Flexibility Act Signed Into Law – Near-Unanimous Bipartisan Support for Improvements to Program. TTB Proposes to Establish New AVA in Southern California.
CAWG Foundation: $30,000 in Scholarships to Deserving Seniors – Recipients Selected for Academics, Leadership and Financial Need
COVID-19 New Resources: CDC/DOL Guidance for Ag Industry. Implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic on California Food, Ag and the Environment.
CAWG & Industry News:
      -CDFA Initiates a Formal Rulemaking to Modify Grape Pricing District Boundary
      -Grapes Hold at No. 2 California Commodity in 2018
      -PDCP: Referendum Update, Staffing Changes
      -Webinar: Spotted Lanternfly – A Threat to California Winegrapes
      -CAWG Welcomes New Staff Member
      -CAWG Awards of Excellence Updates
      -Powdery Mildew-Fighting UV Light Robots Coming to Market

CAWG Associate Member Spotlight: Wonderful Nurseries

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May 2020

Feature Story: Ant Management in Vineyards – Species Identification Important to Target Control
From the President: COVID-19: New Burdens for Businesses – California Policies, Goals Should Not Create More Difficulties for Ag Employers
COVID-19 / State: Legislature Returns From a COVID-19 Recess – Historic, Transformative Changes at the State Capitol
COVID-19 / Resources
Federal Focus: EIDL Loans Available for Ag Businesses. USMCA to Start Juy 1. Navigable Water Protection Rule Effective June 22. Complete the 2020 Census in 10 Minutes.
Industry News: USDA ARS Funds Smoke Exposure Research – ARS Funds Collaborative Research Effort with State Land Grant Universities
Grower Reports: What’s Happening in Our Areas - CAWG Officers Share Vineyard Updates and Industry Challenges
CAWG & Industry News
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April 2020

Feature Story: Utilizing Grazing Animals in Vineyard Management – Sheep Provide Weed Control, Farming System Benefits
COVID-19 / State: Writing Laws and Regulations During a Pandemic – California Legislature and Regulatory Agencies: Not Business as Usual
COVID-19 / Federal: Brief Review of Federal Legislation – Massive Federal Spending to Address the Pandemic; More Bills to Come. COVID-19 Aid Package Provides Assistance for Farmers. USMCA Start Date Delayed; COVID-19 Cited as One of the Reasons.
Other Federal News: New Method for Evaluating Pesticides’ Effects on Endangered Species. Comprehensive H-2A Policy Brief, Flow Chart Published by Cato Institute.
COVID-19 / Resources
COVID-19 / Industry:
Stay-at-Home Orders Affect CA Wine Business – CAWG Members Share Their Thoughts on the Impact of COVID-19.
CAWG & Industry News
CAWG Associate Member Spotlight:
ProAg Crop Insurance

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March 2020

Feature Story: What to Know About Maximum Residue Limits – Stay Informed About Global Markets and Regulations
From the President:
 Can We Prepare for Life’s Curveballs? Winegrape Growers Can Plan Ahead for Threatening Viruses and Pests
State Focus:
 H-2A Employers Under Attack – CAWG, Ag Groups and Ag Workers Are Asking for Changes to the OT Law
Industry News:
 CAWG Urges Yes Vote on PD/GWSS Referendum – Voting Information, Plus Grower Survey and Board Leadership. Researchers Pursue Grant to Study Smoke Impacts on Grapes.
Unified Wine & Grape Symposium: State of the Industry – Pull Out Some Vines: Growers Advised to Reduce Supply to Correct Market
CAWG & Industry News:
        -2020 Membership Directory (reserve ad space by March 31)
         -R&D Tax Credit for Ag: Webinar Recording Available Online

         -Comprehensive H-2A Brief Published by Cato Institute

         -New Ag Guest Worker Bill Introduced by House Ag Committee Member
         -California Grape Crush Report Final 2019 Stats-at-a-Glance

         -President Signs Bill to Help Protect Ag From Invasive Species, Other Pests

         -New Grape Varieties Approved for Designating American Wine

         -UCD Launches Grape Genomics Website

CAWG Day in the Capitol & CAWG Foundation Gala: CANCELLED due to COVID-19 measures.

New CAWG Member Spotlight: Ceres Imaging

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February 2020

Feature Story: Pierce’s Disease Assessment Referendum Coming – Growers Urged to Vote Yes on the Important Assessment
From the President:
 Promising Farmworker Group Has Big Goals – The California Farmworker Foundation Has a Different Vision, Agenda Than UFW
State Focus:
 Overtime: Now What? CAWG, Ag Groups and Ag Workers Are Asking for Changes to the OT Law
Federal Focus:
 USMCA Signed, WOTUS Redefined – Trade Deal and New Rule Were Part of a Busy January in D.C. Researchers Examine Potential Economic Impact of Spotted Lanternfly.
Unified Wine & Grape Symposium:
Photo gallery (three pages). Keynote Speaker O’Neill Focuses on Millennials. Jim Trezise: Rich Smith Distinguished Service Award Recipient.
CAWG & Industry News:
Prelim Grape Crush Report - 2019 Winegrape Crush Down 9.1 Percent. Leafroll Virus Now Covered Under Tree Assistance Program. CSWA Certified Sustainable Annual Report 2019.
CAWG Day in the Capitol & CAWG Foundation Gala:
Join Us on March 18. Be Engaged with CAWG’s Advocacy Efforts!

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January 2020

Feature Story: Fallowing Vineyard Land – Fallow Period May Help Economics, Soil, and Pest Management
Looking Forward to 2020: List of CAWG officers, directors and staff
President's Message: Getting Fiscally Healthy – An $18 Billion Rainy Day Fund in Great, But Higher Taxes Are Not

State Focus: Unknown Future of Pest Management Tools in CA – Growers Are Strongly Encouraged to be Proactive on This Issue
Federal Focus: Trade Deals Move Forward – USMCA Gets Closer to Full Senate Passage; Phase One China Deal to be Signed
CAWG & CAWG Foundation: In Memoriam – Richard Keehn: Founding Member, First Board Chair. CAWGF Scholarship Applications Due March 6.
CAWG & Industry News (page 10): CAWG + LDGGA Breakfast Meeting (Jan. 21). Sonoma Grower Meeting on Tax Laws (Jan. 24). Industry Input Needed for Grant on Smoke Impacts on Grapes, Wine (Feb. 3). California Ag Leadership Program Seeks Applicants.
CAWG & Industry News (page 11): Unified Symposium – Final Days to Register, Secure Sponsorship/Ad Opportunities. Winegrape Growers of America – Leadership Luncheon to Feature Dr. Jean-Marie Cardebat and Rich Smith Award Presentation.

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December 2019

Feature Story: Grafting an Established Vineyard to a New Variety – Variety Change May Improve Demand, Quality and Sales
President's Message: EU: Certain Pesticides Bad, But Cigarettes OK – The EU Wants to Ban Crop Protection Tools That Benefit Winegrape Growers
State Focus: A Blue California – The Need for Bipartisan Cooperation is Greater Than Ever
Federal Focus: House Dems, White House Reach Deal on USMCA – Supporters Hope the Historic Trade Agreement is Ratified as Soon as Possible
Century Club: List of members that made an annual contribution of $1,000 or more to the CAWG PAC (as of Nov. 30).
2019 Sponsors: Businesses and organizations that sponsored CAWG and CAWG Foundation events this year.
CAWG News & Events: Please Take Brief Survey on Farm Management Apprenticeship Program. CAWG Webinars on Crop Insurance, Whole Farm Revenue Protection and Changes in Employment Law. Membership Renewal Reminder - Thank You for Your Continued Support!
CAWG Board of Directors: Get to Know Our New Chair and Directors: Mike Testa, David Beckstoffer, Chris Lynch and Michael Manna.
Industry News: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Unified Keynote Speaker: Jeff O’Neill, CEO and Founder of O'Neill Vintners & Distillers. Five New Pierce’s Disease Resistant Varieties Released.

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November 2019

Feature Story: Market Factors Affect 2019 Winegrape Harvest – Industry Experts Weigh in on the Season and Future
President's Message: Another Year, Another Ag Guestworker Bill – H.R. 4916 Needs Significant Improvement Before CAWG Can Support the Bill
State Focus: Wildfires and Planned Power Outages – Governor Has Passed Admin Initiatives, Bills and Budget Items, But More to Do
Federal Focus: New Bipartisan Effort to Fix Farm Labor Problems – Despite Input and Support from Hundreds of Groups, Others Not on Board. Plus... EPA Seeks Comments on Changes to Application Exclusion Zone. WOTUS Repeal Final Rule in Federal Register; Effective Dec. 23.
CAWG Leadership: A Message from Outgoing CAWG Chair Bill Berryhill. Outgoing Board Members, New Officer and Directors.
CAWG Events: Photos from CAWG and CAWG PAC events in November.
CAWG & Industry News: New AVA Proposed in California. Applications Open for California Green Medal: Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards. Applications Open for SWEEP Grants. CAWG Foundation Scholarships: Spread the Word to Employees! Unified Symposium details.

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October 2019

Feature Story: Adapting Vineyards to Climate Change - Grower programs, trials, practices to address future conditions
President's Message: The Positive Effects of Lobbying - We take pride in influencing the public policy process
State Focus: Just One Word - The wine industry aims to achieve more with waste reduction efforts
Federal Focus: US-Japan Trade Deal is Good for CA Wine - Updates on USMCA, H-2A program and appropriations bill.
Industry News:
CA Wine and Winegrape Projects Receive Specialty Crop Grants, UC Davis Receives $3.5m for Specialty Crop Pest Management Research, TTB Launches AVA Map Explorer.
CAWG News: CAWG PAC Fundraiser in Modesto, Outgoing Dinner for Chairman Bill Berryhill, CAWG Elections and more.

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September 2019

Feature Story: Status of Invasive Grape Pests in California - Monitor and control to prevent spread, reduce populations
President's Message: The Best California Festivals Showcase Wine - Tourists can celebrate with wine tastings and grape stomping
State Focus: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - CAWG is working with industry, regulators for clarity on training requirements
Federal Focus: On USMCA: Americans cannot wait any longer - With Congress back in session, there's a major push to pass the trade deal
Industry News:
CAWG night harvest vineyard tour and dinner, the mother of all Cabernet trials, Suisun Valley winegrape growers petition CDFA to amend boundary, sensor technology workshop hosted by NGRA and USDA-ARS.
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August 2019

Feature Story: Preparing for Grape Harvest - Equipment prep, night work safety, and grape sampling considerations
President's Message: Ongoing Trade Turmoil Between US and China - What can growers do?
State Focus: CA Legislative Year Ends Mid-September - Pierces disease, labor, housing and more....
Federal Focus: CA Congressional Dems Urge Vote on USMCA - Negotiations to Continue During August Recess
Smoke Advisory Task Force: Task force formed with Oregon and Washington to meet on smoke exposure industry issues.
CAWG Membership Directory: Your 2019 fully digital membership directory is out and ready for you to utilize!
Industry News: US and Guatemala sign H-2A agreement, Ag Committee ranking member to retire in 2020, wildfire emergency regulation information.
>> View the August Issue  

July 2019

Feature Story: Utilizing the Crush Report for Business Decisions - Using Data for Contract Pricing, Planting Decisions, Investments
President's Message: More Funding in Needed to Maintain UCCE - Advisors, Specialists and Programs are Vital to CA Agriculture
State Focus: New Regulation for Workers Near Wildfire Smoke - Stock up on N-95 Masks
Federal Focus: The Push for USMCA Ratification - Trump, Pence and Hundreds of Food, Ag Groups want Congress to Pass the Deal. 
Summer Conference + Golf Tournament: Thank you to our sponsors + pictures from awards of excellence dinner, speaker program and golf tournament. events.
CAWG Foundation: $31,500 in Scholarships to Inspiring Students - Read the full bios on the Foundation Scholarship recipients
Industry News: Sonoma Grower Meeting on Taxes (August 7), CAWG Seeks State Support for Viticulture Research at Legislative Hearing, CA Wine Sales in US Top $40B in 2018, up 3%, New App for Reporting Pesticide Incidents.
>> View the July Issue  

 June 2019

Feature Story: Tools, Tech and Strategies for Vineyard Irrigation - Experts Discuss Methods to Evaluate Vine Water Status
President's Message: Prepare Now for the Next Big Quake - It can happen at any time with no warning 
State Focus: Legislative Update - Pierce's Disease, Clean Drinking Water, Labor and More...
Federal Focus: Good News from House Appropriations - Federal Funding for Disaster Assistance, Smoke Exposure Research
Century Club Members: Members who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more.
CAWG Grower + Leader of the Year: Full write-ups on Grower of the Year, Andy Hoxsey, Napa Wine Co/Yount Mill Vineyards and Leader of the Year, Brad Goehring, Goehring Vineyards.
Industry News: CAWG Foundation Awards $31,500 in Student Scholarships, CAWG PAC Fundraiser, Jazz and Wine Fest, Leadership Transition at DPR, and more...
2019 CAWG Summer Conference: Speaker Program Lineup, registration, sponsorship and hotel information.
>> View the June Issue

 May 2019

Feature Story: Grapevine Virus Management – Experts Advise Identification, Removal of Infected Vines
President's Message: Vineyards Provide Myriad Environmental Benefits – Winegrape Growers Deserve Accolades From the Public for Sustainability
State Focus: Bright Lights During the Night Shift – Proposed Lighting Requirements for Nighttime Vineyard Operations
Federal Focus: USMCA, Pesticides, Truck Tax Repeal – ‘If These Tariffs Aren’t Lifted, USMCA is Dead’
Century Club Members: Members who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more.
2019 Green Medal: California Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards: List of winners and photos from award ceremony.
Industry News: CFBF-UC Davis ag labor survey, research papers on U.S. guest workers/labor shortage, CAWG members spend the day with Bill Lyons and California winegrape acreage stats.
2019 CAWG Summer Conference: Registration, sponsorship and hotel information.
CAWG Awards of Excellence: CAWG Grower of the Year (Andy Hoxsey) and CAWG Leader of the Year (Brad Goehring). Congratulations!

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 April 2019
Feature Story:
Powdery Mildew: Managing Fungicide Resistance - FRAME network researches solutions, develops test kits
President's Message: We Must Stand Firm for Science - Seven credible worldwide organizations say glyphosate is not a carcinogen
State Focus: CAWG Obtains Critical Protections for AG in WOTS - WOTS was amended to include CAWG-requested language
Federal Focus: US Dept of Ag Updates - 2020 Budget, Census of Ag and Farm Bill Progress
Other News: CAWG Day in the Capitol, Foundation Gala, 2019 Green Medal Award Winners Announced, Final Grape Crush Report, and more...
>> View the April Issue
 March 2019
Feature Story:
Vineyard Technology and Mechanization - Unified sessions explore new tech and costs of adoption
President's message: Risky Business - Growers should have a firm grasp of disruptive threats to crop
State focus: New Legislation and CAWG Day in the Capitol
Federal Focus: Bipartisan Support for Bills - Legislation and specialty crop grants aim to help ag industry
Other news: New Red Blotch Study from UC Researchers, CA Legislature proposes ban on chlorpyrifos, CAWG Grower and Leader call for nominations, Advisory regarding Produce Safety Rule.
>> View the March Issue
February 2019
Feature Story:
Rise of Rose Offers Opportunities and Challenges - Many variety options, sales growth at all price points
President's message: Golden State of Technology and Business Ideas - CA companies are leaders in agricultural innovation
State focus: Threats to Vineyards - CA officials are watching the dangerous east coast-based spotted lanternfly
Federal Focus: Federal Bills Update, USMCA
Other news: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium State of the Industry and CAWG Reception
>> View the February Issue
January 2019
Feature Story:
Grape Contracts and Smoke Exposure - Scientific, legal standards needed for winegrape smoke exposure
President's message: CA Needs a Competitive Two-Party System - It would better ensure accountability to advance favorable policy ideas
State focus: 1099 or W2? California legislature to tackle independent contractor issue
Federal Focus: Farm Bill, USDA Activities Impacted by Shutdown
Other news: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Preview
>> View the January Issue

December 2018
Feature Story: 2018 Year in Review - a highlight of key successes.
President's message: California and Climate Change Consequences - Climate change is happening and our state's policies and priorities need to reflect that reality.
State focus: The New Legislature Session: What's in Store? New bills may impact winegrape growers. Dems unite against Trump.
Federal Focus: CAWG Effort Gers Attention in Congress - D.C. Lawmakers help with disaster funding request.
Other news: CAWG thanks Century Club members and sponsors and welcomes three new directors to the board.
>> View the December Issue

Past Issues - Available as PDF's


Feature Story: 2018 Winegrape Harvest Report—Good quality and cooler weather highlight harvest conditions. President’s Message: Your Vote Matters—The midterm elections are important and can have major consequences. State Focus: The ALRB: A Bureaucracy Run Amok?—Recent court case and 2018 legislation highlighted issues with board. Federal Focus: New Trade Deal Between US, Mexico and Canada—USMCA modernizes the 24-year-old NAFTA, improves market access for US wines. CAWG Comments on US Trade Subsidy Program. CAWG Grower Reports: Roger King, Brad Goehring and Jim Spinetta. News and CAWG Events: California Wine and Winegrape Projects Garner Federal Specialty Crop Grants. Houses Passes Water Resources Infrastructure Legislation; CA to Benefit. CAWG PAC fundraiser at Bien Nacido Vineyards.



Feature Story: CAWG Supports AG and Legal Workforce Act—Opportunity to improve guestworker program, increase available labor. President’s Message: Knock, Knock, Knock—AG Act offers peace of mind for workers and employers in fear of raids. State Focus: A Brief Review of the Legislative Session—Sept. 30 is the last day for the governor to sign or veto bills. Federal Focus: Updating NAFTA: US-Mexico Trade Agreement—Agreement said to focus on strengthening trade for American agriculture. WOTUS in Effect in Calfiornia – For Now. CAWG Grower Reports: Joel Maring, Bill Pauli and Jim Stollberg. News and CAWG Events: CAWG Educates Government Decision-Makers with Wine Industry News. Voices Heard: CAWG Members Participate in ‘Stop the State Water Grab’ Rally.


Feature Story: The Future of Winegrape Trucking—Technology and regulations will have on effect on the industry. President’s Message: Proposed Changes to Drawback Regulations—U.S. Customs and Border Protection invites public comments. State Focus: SWRCB Proposes Drastic Reduction in Ag Water—Farmers, business leaders and citizens plan to attend protest rally at Capitol. Federal Focus: New Ag Guestworker Bill Introduced—CAWG is working with other specialty crop groups to push for passage. CAWG Summer Conference and CAWG PAC Golf Tournament: photo gallery and sponsor recognition. CAWG Grower Reports: Jeff Bitter, JD Harkey and Mike Testa. News and CAWG Events: Neonicotinoid Pollinator Risk Determination Update; Justin and J. Lohr Center for Wine and Viticulture; California Wine Month; CAWG Days of Summer—Campaign aims to raise $50,000.


Feature Story: Job Satisfaction Key Factor in Worker Retention—Vineyard worker survey seeks data to improve retention. President’s Message: Ag Guestworker Program Remains Elusive—Ag has waited too long for an effective solution. State Focus: Are Independent Contractors Actually Employees?—The effects of the Dynamex case and new ABC test on employers. Federal Focus: Disappointing Outcome with Immigration Bills—Immigration, ag guestworker legislation fail in House. CAWG Grower Reports: Clint Nelson, David Ogilvie and Johnnie White. News and CAWG Events: CAWG Leaders Visit with Federal Legislators.


Feature Story: Vine Balance Critical to Productive Vineyards—Managing the ratio of leaf area and vegetation to fruit load. President’s Message: Beer and Bureaucracy—A brewer in Costa Rica faces all too familiar government challenges. State Focus: Senate, Assembly Consider Wildfire Legislation—Increased efforts to prevent, respond to and handle financial impacts of fires. Federal Focus: Election, Tariffs, Farm Bill Top Issues—Agricultural stakeholders worry about what’s to come. Profiles on 2018 CAWG Grower of the Year Steve Schafer and CAWG Leader of the Year Karissa Kruse. CAWG Foundation: $30,000 in Scholarships to Deserving Students—Recipients selected for academics, volunteerism, leadership and financial need. CAWG Grower Reports: Paul Johnson, Robert Pirie and Lucas Shoffner. News and CAWG Events: 2018 CAWG Summer Conference ad; summary of CAWG PAC fundraiser in Oakville; Unified announces new chair, vice chair; California Leopold Conservation Awards seeks nominees.


Feature Story: Grapevine Viruses: BMPs and Outreach—Growers take proactive steps to reduce virus spread and economic losses. President’s Message: The Cruel Acts of Rulers—California employers should not be impaled by excessive regulations. State Focus: Dam It!—Funding estimates for two reservoirs have increased; will they get the money? State Focus: Joint Resolution Celebrates Wine Industry—More than 80 legislators show support. CAWG Grower Reports: John Balletto, Brad Goehring and Davindar Mahil. Industry News: CAWG Represents at Farmers for Free Trade-CFBF Agribusiness Roundtable; CA Grape Acreage Report; Allied Grape Growers Leadership Transition; Expansion of Clarksburg AVA; NGWI Changes Name. 2018 CAWG Summer Conference ad. CAWG PAC event on May 31 in Oakville.


Feature Story: Vineyard Mechanization and Wine Quality—More winemakers see benefits of mechanized vineyard operations. President’s Message: Whiskey and Wine in the White House—Many American presidents were fond of indulging in alcohol. State Focus: The Race to Succeed Jerry Brown—The June election may determine the direction of California for years to come. Federal Focus: CAWG Efforts on Key Federal Issues—FDA Produce Safety Rule, ag guestworker bill and tariffs. CAWG Event: CAWG Members Reach Out to Legislators—Educating policy makers about industry issues through lobbying (photo gallery). CAWG Foundation Gala—Supporting student scholarships and celebrating CA wine (photo gallery). CAWG Grower Reports: Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko, Joe Valente and Mike Vandborg.
News & CAWG Events: CA Final Grape Crush Report; Grapes, Wine Rank High in 2016 Stats; CA Green Medal Award Winners Announced.


Feature Story: Powdery Mildew Management Issues, Challenges—Growers, researchers address fungicide resistance. President’s Message: Retaliatory Tariffs Could Impact Wine Industry—When other countries seek to retaliate, wine is always a favored target. State Focus: Your Tax Dollars in Politics—Supreme Court may end the political power of public employee labor unions. Federal Focus: Trump Administration on Trade and Tariffs—Latest round of NAFTA negotiations wraps up in Mexico City. Industry: CAWG Members Share Insight on Labor (Q&A). CAWG Grower Reports: Jeff Frey, Troy Javadi and Paul Wulf. News & CAWG Events: 2017 Prelim Grape Crush Report; CA Judge Rules on Spraying Pesticides for Invasive Pests; CA Ag Leadership Program Applications; CAWG Day in the Capitol and CAWGF Gala promo.


Feature Story: Cabernet Sauvignon at All Price Points—Price differences related to appellation, labor, volume and aging. President’s Message: US Lawmakers: Control Out-of-Control Deficits—Nation’s leaders should acquire farm wisdom and stop reckless financial ways. State Focus: Proposed Overreaching Indoor Heat Standards—Standards apply to cab of A/C tractor and minimal work in storage shed. Federal Focus: Farm Bill and Legislative Principles for 2018—USDA secretary says principles will be used as a road map for Congress. Unified Symposium: State of the Industry and Gallo Talks Family, Community and Mentoring. Unified photo gallery. CAWG News: Certified Sustainable Shows Growth; Pete Downs Receives Rich Smith Award; CAWG Day in the Capitol and CAWGF Gala promo.


Feature Story: Rootstock Issues, Trends and Research—UC researchers and nursery reps discuss field trials, varieties. President’s Message: Differing Views with Wine Labeling Laws—Collaboration needed to resolve the issues with TTB notices No. 160 and 160B. State Focus: Regulators Caught Acting Egregiously—Agencies need to be more transparent and held accountable. Federal Focus: Trump Signs Tax Bill Into Law—Bill includes several provisions that will benefit growers. Industry: Petaluma Gap is California’s Newest AVA; Understanding Components of Crop Insurance. CAWG News: Gina Gallo to Open Unified with Keynote Address; WGA Luncheon to Feature Damien Wilson and Rich Smith Award Presentation; CAWG officers and directors.

2017 Publications


Feature Story: Making a Difference in Communities—CAWG members give time and resources to local efforts. President’s Message: Blockchain and the Wine Industry—The revolutionary technology may be a game changer in the future. State Focus: #MeToo Movement Spurs Legislation in 2018—State legislators are proposing changes in law for employers. Federal Focus: House, Senate Pass Major Tax Reform Bills—Legislators to meet to resolve differences in two versions. CAWG News: CAWG Elects Board Officers and Members; A Toast to Aaron Lange; CAWG Briefs Legislators at Hearing; CAWG Foundation Scholarships, Unified Symposium. Industry News: California Adopts Rules on Ag Pesticides Use Near Schools; Green Medal Award Applications. List of CAWG Century Club members.


Feature Story: Housing Benefits Vineyard Employers, Workers—Affordable farmworker housing key to improving labor supply. President’s Message: Venturing into the Unknown—Farmers are adventurists who accept risks, persevere and overcome challenges. State Focus: Growers Face New Labor Requirements—Laws take effect Jan. 1. Federal Focus: Lawmakers vote on AG Act, Disaster Aid—Immigration bill marked up in committee still needs improvement. Grower Reports: Mike Boer, Stipp Ranch; J.D. Harkey, Drake Enterprises, Inc.; Tom Slater, Slater Farms, Inc. Other News: USDA specialty crop grants; a message from CAWG on wildfires; Unified Wine and Grape Symposium.

Feature Story: "Vine Trellis Systems for Mechanization." Presidents message: New Ag Guestworker Bill May Bring Relief. State Focus: State Senate to Choose New Leader. Federal Focus: Farmworker Solution Tax Reform Unveiled. Grower Reports: Bill Berryhill, BB Vineyards; Scott McKenzie; McKenzie Vineyards and Winery; and Jim Spinetta, Spinetta Family Vineyards. Other News: CAWG Elections, Wine Industry Impact, Unified Wine and Grape Symposium Sponsorship.


Feature Story: "2017 Winegrape Harvest Underway." Presidents message: "Are You Prepared for a Disaster or Emergency?" Federal Focus: Challenges await as congress returns from August recess. State focus: Water Board: Revised Definition of Wetland.  Grower Reports: Ryan Metzler, Fruita del Sol; Bill Pauli, Pauli Ranch; and Tyler Scheid, Schied Vineyards.

Feature Story: "The Dynamic Dave Phinney" (Orin Swift founder > article and Q&A). President's message: "Appreciating Hard Work." State Focus: "Legislators Take on Ag Labor Housing Shortage." Federal Focus: Farm bill listening session in Modesto, RAISE Act and USDA nominations. Photo gallery from CAWG Summer Conference and CAWG PAC Golf Tournament. CAWG member/grower reports: Joe A. Cotta, Joe A. Cotta Vineyards; Tom Merwin, Merwin Vineyards; and Jason Smith, Smith Family Wines. CAWG News & Events: Progress on winegrape exemption from produce safety rule and John Aguirre speaks at Chamber luncheon.

Feature Story: "Irrigation System Efficiency." Presidents MJumping on the Fad Bandwagon Isn't my Style. State Focus: CAWG Helps Secure $5M in PDCP Funding. Grower reports, Bruce Fry, Mohr-Fry Ranch, Joga and Bishin Mahil, Mahil Farms, Brian Shepard, Walsh Vineyard Management. Other Stories: CAWG to FDA: Exempt Winegrapes from Produce Safety Rule, CAWG Delegation Educates Decision Makers in D.C.

Feature Story: "Vineyard Sensing Technology." President's Message: Winegrapes and Wine Are Like Golden Eggs. State focus: AB 450 An Example of Partisan Fervor. Federal Focus: Updates from Inside the Beltway - USDA undergoes reorganization, faces major budget cuts. Grower Reports By: Bob Lauchland, JR Lauchland and Sons, Johnnie White, Pina Vineyard Management and David Ogolvie, Wilson Vineyards. Other Stories: CAWG's 2017 Grower and Leader of the Year Announced,  Foundation Awards $30k in Scholarships, CAWG's 2017 Summer Conference. 

Feature story: "Weed Control, Herbicide Options and Prop 65." President's message on The US and Mexico Need Each Other. State focus: New Leader for New Democrats. Federal Focus: Secretary of Agriculture announced, Trump agrees to NAFTA renegotiation, Omnibus appropriations bill and H-2A visas. Regional grower reports by: Tom Murphy, Murphy Farms, Bill Schweitzer, Paccielo Vineyard and Charlie Starr, Starr Vineyards. Other important articles: 2016 CA grape acreage, 2017 Green Medal Awards, NGWI president named.

Feature story: “ICE Raids and Employment Documentation.” President’s message on the consequences of fraud. State focus: CAWG focuses on two state budget items – Pierce’s disease funding and ABC license revocation for wage violations. Federal focus: the wait for a U.S. ag secretary, White House skinny budget cuts USDA funding, EPA denies petition to ban chlorpyrifos and NAFTA. Summary and photos of CAWG Day in the Capitol and CAWG Foundation Gala. Regional reports from winegrape growers (Sirilo and Nicolas Cornejo, Joel Maring, Lucas Shoffner). Other news and events: CAWG webinar on joint liability / growers and FLCs, final Grape Crush Report, chairs named for Senate and Assembly Select Committees on Wine.

Feature story: “Managing grapevine viruses.” President’s message on the early days of the Trump presidency. State focus: CAWG’s positions on several new bills of interest. Federal focus: Trump administration’s repeal of WOTUS, new EPA administrator, federal bill reducing regulations on pesticide use. Unified Symposium article: “Sauvignon Blanc Gains Ground in California.” Call for nominations for 2017 CAWG Awards of Excellence. Regional reports from winegrape growers (Roger King, Rodney Schatz, Jim Stollberg). Other news and events: CAWG/Wine Institute’s new website (, preliminary Grape Crush Report, CAWG Day in the Capitol and CAWG Foundation gala promo.

Feature story: “Rainfall brings benefits, challenges to vineyards.” President’s message on the California Legislature’s job killer bills and policies. State focus: 2017-18 legislative session begins, new legislators, AB 5 and state budget. Federal focus: Nominee for USDA secretary, farm bill hearing and border adjustment tax. Unified Symposium articles: “State of the Industry,” “Finding Value in Sustainability” and “Wine Critic Delivers Keynote Address.” Other news and events: CAWG grower meetings on federal issues and Rich Smith Distinguished Service Award recipient.

Feature story: “Adopt better practices to manage pests, diseases.” President’s message on the environmental impact of California’s “new” crop (marijuana). State focus: Gov. Brown’s 2017-18 state budget. CAWG hires new director of government relations. Federal focus: USDA secretary, McCarthy/Valadao water bill, U.S. Trade Representative nominee. Summary of UC Davis ag economist Dr. Philip Martin’s presentation on labor and immigration.

2016 Publications


Feature story: Designing a farm plan for vineyards. Presidents message on TTB notice 160 and the wine labeling rules and loopholes. State and Federal updates on state water efforts and the federal water bill. Plus an overview of the election and the forecast under the Trump administration. Issue also features information on recent CAWG webinars, Green Medal awards, CA vineyard SWEEP grants and notification of new CAWG board members.

Feature story: Trunk disease prevention and management. Plus...president's message on trade agreements and the wine industry; state focus (impact of proposed regulations); federal focus (USDA funding for specialty crops, specifically wine and winegrapes); regional reports from winegrape growers (Joe Valente, Jeff Wiens, Dennis Wittchow); industry news (EGVM eradication, proposal for Petaluma Gap AVA, new mechanical grapevine pruner, NGWI president steps down); and CAWG news (webinars and Unified Symposium).

Feature story: Managing salinity in vineyards. Plus...president's message on respect and civility in politics; state focus (2016 legislation and how new laws will impact agriculture); federal focus (Worker Protection Standard "designated representative" provision); regional reports from winegrape growers (Bill Berryhill, Troy Javadi, Jason Smith, Jim Spinetta); E-file and E-pay mandate; Unified Symposium information.

Feature story: 2016 harvest underway; president's message on free trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP; state focus (AB 2757, AB 2714, AB 1704 and SB 1317); federal focus (GMO labeling agreement, Nobel Laureates in support of GMOs and WOTUS); regional reports from winegrape growers (Mike Boer, Trey Irwin, Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko and Ryan Metzler); Dr. Carl Winter's speech about arsenic and glyphosate in wine; upcoming CAWG events.

Feature story: Achieving quality in the mechanized vineyard; president's message on debunking myths and misconceptions and exposing false claims; state focus (AB 1066, AB 1704, AB 2714, AB 2896, SB 1317, SB 661, waters of the state); Century Club recognition; federal focus (presidential nominees and party platforms, USDA 10007 funds, GMO labeling law); regional grower reports (Bruce Fry, Tom Slater, Davinder Mahil, Mike Testa); CAWG Summer Conference and Napa Valley tour.

Feature story: Managing water in California vineyards; president's message on free trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP; state focus (AB 2757, AB 2714, AB 1704 and SB 1317); federal focus (GMO labeling agreement, Nobel Laureates in support of GMOs and WOTUS); regional reports from winegrape growers (Mike Boer, Trey Irwin, Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko and Ryan Metzler); Dr. Carl Winter's speech about arsenic and glyphosate in wine; upcoming CAWG events.

Feature story: Do your homework and be diligent when choosing farm labor contractors; president's message on plant breeding and GE crops; state focus (AB 2757, pest and disease funding, AB 1704, SB 1317); federal focus (appropriations update, NAS report on GMOs, WOTUS, DOL overtime regulations); CAWG Grower of the Year and Leader of the Year award recipients, California Wine Grape Growers Foundation scholarships; CAWG PAC events and The Century Club; regional reports from winegrape growers (Randy Krag, Robert Pirie, J.D. Harley, Tyler Scheid); upcoming CAWG events.
Feature story: Mechanized canopy management; president's message on an anti-glyphosate activist group; state focus (pest and disease funding, BIT program, suspense file bills); federal focus (ag appropriations updates, EPA's anti-farmer campaign); Food Safety Modernization Act compliance for winegrape growers; CAWG staff - advocacy and activities; upcoming CAWG and CAWG PAC events.
Feature story: Improving crop estimation methods and results; president's message on the tip jar; state focus (minimum wage bill, AB 2757, AB 2714, AB 1704); federal focus (CAWG appropriations requests, GMO labeling); CAWG Day in the Capitol and CWGGF Wine Reception article; upcoming events.
Feature story: New sprayer technologies for vineyards; president's message on immigration reform; state focus (2016 legislation that may have an impact on winegrape industry); federal focus (Supreme Court Justice Scalia, WOTUS, President Obama's budget request, USDA-APHIS specialty crop funding); Unified's chardonnay panel session; CAWG Awards of Excellence request for nominations; and California Agricultural Leadership Program applications.
Feature story: Labor supply tighter for some growers; president's message on wine drinker preferences; state and federal legislative summaries; Unified state of the industry address; Fred Franzia speech at Unified; federal update on Clean Water Rule/WOTU; CAWG Day in the Capitol and CWGGF Wine Reception.
Feature story: New resources for vineyard frost protection; president's message on risks, threats and preparing for the unexpected; state and federal legislative roundup; Assemblymember Dodd to lead ag committee; Fred Franzia to open 2016 symposium with keynote address.  

2015 Publications

Water diversion measuring and reporting, groundwater recharge, FSMA final ruling, CAWG working for you. 
2015 winegrape harvest begins early, yields lighter, good quality crop, State legislative update, PD/GWSS research examines North Coast, Clean Water Rule on the ropes, Let's celebrate the leadership of Chair Scheid! 
Wine market trends and California wine, State legislative update, PD/GWSS research continues, Skeletonizer in Napa County, Clean Water Rule opponents continue to grow
Financial Assistance available for red blotch infected vines, State legislative update, Charcoal that's good for agriculture and the planet, A case of label (COOL issue), WOTUS headed to court
Night Work Safety for Harvest, CAWG Advocacy, PD/GWSS Referendum Hits Target, Propane-Powered Enfgines Cut Costs, Clean Water Rule Debate
Biocontrol Sought for Two Emerging Insect Pests, Conservation Compliance Deadline, Legislation of Interest, Preparing for California's New Water Management Model, WOTUS Rule Faces Presidential Veto, Interview with Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen
Impacts of Trellis System, Canopy Management on Wine Flavor, CAWG Government Affairs Committee Reviews 2015 Legislation, Preparing Your Business for a Transition or Sale, The Politics of Immigration Reform, CAWG Working for You
Pierce’s Disease Assessment Vote, New Conservation Compliance Requirements for Crop Insurance, 2015-16 Legislative Session, Cal/OSHA Standards Board Approves Heat Illness 
Piece-Rate Payment Proving More Problematic, State of the Industry - Unified 2015, Defending Your Property, Nanofibres Being Tested in California for Esca Prevention, 2015 Congress -- Gridlock or Action?, CAWG Announces Retirement Savings Benefit Plan
Groundwater Management Moves Forward in 2015, New Lawmakers Elected in California's Wine Growing Regions, Health Care Mandate Kicks-In for Large Employers, 114th Congress Sess Changes in Ag Leadership.